Job seeking is a very tedious and tiring process and we are here to help you navigate it and even then, we feel the need to point out few specifics and suggest few tips that can help makes things easier for everyone involved.

Firstly, your job search does not start and end with online portals. They are very important, yes, but it is also very important to network and try to ask friends or fellow job seekers to keep you in the loop and suggest or recommend you for any openings. This will make it much easier than having to apply everywhere and waiting to see if the company is interested in you. With the first main step out of the way, the next is to ensure you have a good resume, your resume could just about make or break your chances at getting a shot at the job. In this day and age, it is important that you fill your resume with the right content and not just try to decorate it to make it pleasing on the eye.

Appearing for an interview can always cast doubt and fear even to the more seasoned of job seekers. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to back yourself, be polite throughout the interview, do proper research about the company as well as the role and raise pertinent questions about the work. If you have this nailed down then you’ve already cleared a major chunk of your challenge.

At the end of it all regardless of whether or not you got the job it is always important to look back and assess what went right and what could’ve been better and note it down so that next time you can improve.


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